Monday, May 26, 2008

June Playgroup Schedule

*Note this schedule is different then what has been printed in the RS Newsletter. I will print and pass out schedules next week.

4 - Story time at McClure Library @ 10-10:30 then off to the park to play after

11 - Charter Oak Park - Father's Day Surprise @ 10, bring craft paint

18 - No playgroup due to cooking group

25 - Fondulac Farm Park @ 10, Children $2, Adults $2.50, Feed $.50Bring a sack lunch and we can eat outside on the grass after touring the farm.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Playgroup is canceled today

I don't know about you but being out at the park in the rain just doesn't sound good. Since we all have the Ward party tonight, I decided to just cancel it and let us take it easy this morning! See you all tonight!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Revised May Schedule

*I decided to change this because the Wheels o' Time museum didn't start until 12. I didn't want to go and I know a few of you probably didn't either. So, I have mixed things around!

2 – Teddy Bear Picnic at Detweiller Park, Moose Shelter, meet at 10. Bring your teddy and sack lunch for a fun picnic together.
9 – Rock Island Trail, meet at 10. We’ll be walking down the trail and getting some much needed outdoor time.
16 – Garage Sale walking! My neighborhood is having a neighborhood garage sale. Meet at my house at 10 and we can walk the neighborhood with the kids and play in my backyard after!
23 – Kite making and flying at Chartwell Park, meet at 10. Bring anything to decorate basic kites.
30 – Forest Park Nature Center- meet at 9:30. We will be hiking down the trail and having the kids go for a nature scavenger hunt. (5809 N Forest Park Drive, Peoria Heights)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rain or shine we are having our picnic

I am still planning on going to the park. what is more fun then playing in the rain. I am dressing my kids in clothes that they can "play" in. So, I am game to let them go wild and have a good time. Pull our the rain's bring a chair so your bums aren't wet and enjoy all that nature has to give us!