Friday, December 21, 2012

January Schedule

I am looking to create a list of people willing to host playgroup when it is located at the church. Here’s what I am proposing: One person will be designated as the leader of the month. That person will arrive at the church (on the Fridays it will be held there) a few minutes before 10am, unlock the main door, arrange the cultural hall or nursery for minimal disruption to Sunday activities, make sure everything looks the same when we’re done, and re-lock the door at departure. If you have been assigned a particular month, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement if you have a sick kid, an errand to run, a vacation, or something else.

With that being said, here’s our calendar for January:

January Playgroup Schedule
Playgroup’s designated leader this month is: Lindsey Williams

Friday, January 4th: Trains
Meet in the Church cultural hall at 10am. Bring a train toy to share! (I know the school-aged kids will still be on break, so if you have a different idea for today’s playgroup that would help you to entertain all your children, please let me know.)

Friday, January 11th: Preschool Splash at the RiverPlex (600 NE Water Street, Peoria)
Meet at 10:00 (ends at 11:30). $3 per child over two; adults free. Parents must accompany child(ren) in the water.

Friday, January 18th: Motor Mites at the Franciscan Rec Center (908 N. Sterling Ave, West Peoria)
Meet at 9:15 (ends at 11:15). $2 per child. Kids can play with scooters, balls, hula hoops, and tumbling equipment. (This is not directly on Sterling Ave. You can take University south and go right on Main Street, then right on Heading and a left on Sterling.)

Friday, January 25th: Emily Hardy’s Home (11232 N Jason Dr, Dunlap)
Meet at 10am to play.