Thursday, October 28, 2010

November Schedule

Friday, November 5
Totally Tots at the Riverplex (600 NE Water Street; Peoria) from 9:30 to 11:30am. Kids play with oversized foam equipment, balls, hoops, trikes, cars, scooters and much more. No food or drink allowed. $3 per child; children under 1 are FREE.

Friday, November 12
Ride-on Toys at the Church at 10am

Friday, November 19
Play at Mary Stettler’s home at 10am (5539 North Renwood, Peoria, 713-3521)

Friday, November 26
No Playgroup – Happy Thanksgiving!

Playgroup Survey

With Brittany's coming move, I have volunteered to head-up Playgroup. Any and all suggestions and help are welcome! In fact, here's a few things I have been thinking about...

1 – Hosting: With winter approaching, I was hoping to compile a list of families willing to host playgroup at their home. Basically, we would all just come to your house to play with your toys during the regularly-scheduled playgroup. I would, of course, check the specific date with you prior to sending the schedule out to everyone.

2 – Money: An additional winter-challenge is the necessity of attending more indoor events which sometimes have a fee. What is your opinion about the frequency of such events? My goal is to limit pay-for events to once per month. I’d love to hear your perspective.

3 – When: Playgroup has traditionally been held Friday mornings at 10am. I have heard some discussion about rotating the date and/or time to accommodate different/more people. If we met on different days, we could also attend different events that are sometimes only held Tuesday/Thursday, for instance. What’s your opinion? Would it be too confusing to move it around? Would having it on a different day allow you to attend?

4 – Ideas: Even with all the ideas from previous years (Thanks Brittany and Melissa S.), it would still be nice to have more input. Do you have any ideas for playgroup? If you hear of anything, you are welcome to send it my way any time.

You can post a comment to this blog, or you can email me (my email address is on the ward website) with your thoughts. THANKS!